The time, she flies

I can’t be too surprised that I’ve failed to keep up with this. Life runs amok. I can start to describe some of the many, many things that have consumed the last few months (and are still doing so), but not right now.

So I’ll just touch on one thing before I pack up and head to work. I’m knitting a cardigan with yarn I bought at last year’s Sheep & Wool festival, and last night I reached the point at which I start to do the shoulder and neck shaping, and this means I am making real progress. I am starting to hope I might be able to finish the sweater in time to wear it to this year’s Sheep & Wool. And maybe even early enough that I can wash it and get it try before the day we leave, so I won’t be standing over it with a hairdryer shouting “Dry, damn you!” as I was with last year’s sweater.

Fingers crossed.

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