Just Another Muggy Monday

Monday night and I’m catching up on my online world before I get ready for bed. I was out and about for the evening, meeting Jen at Purl Soho (I didn’t buy anything) before ambling over to Noodle Bar. We’ve been neglecting Noodle Bar of late, and I think our usual waiter was having abandonment issues. So we tried to ease gently back into things, getting our usual fried tofu appetizer, and hope that in time he will forgive us.

It’s not as if we said, oh, let’s stop going to Noodle Bar. I was out of town, and then I was working, and then my feet hurt (long story, they’re fine), and then we came back after all that.

It’s been an odd spring in the city so far. We’ve vacillated between chilling rain and muggy heat, though I suppose today might be more accurately described as muggy tepidity. There have been a few unpleasantly hot and sunny days, but precious few of the crisp and invigorating ones. It does not bode well for summer. Of course if weather were the only thing I could have stayed in Portland instead of coming to New York. Portland gets rain, but is seldom muggy. Weather is not everything, and here we are.

On our way back to the subway I was tempted to stop at the ice cream truck along Houston. Two young men were so avid about ushering us to the order window that I thought they must be employees getting off work, but they were not; they were simply fans. Of the ice cream, yes, but also of the girl serving it. They cheered us on my selection of the hazelnut and chocolate cone, shook our hands, and headed off into the night.

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